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Since our humble beginnings in 2013 our goal has been to create a site that will serve as a one place resource for all things Nigerian weddings and its related topics. We wanted to serve everyone affected by wedding and marriage one way or another.

The categories are:

  • Couples engaged planning a wedding
  • Couples in relationships
  • Married couples
  • Singles looking for relationships
  • Singles looking for a marriage mate

And we are glad that now we can proudly say we’ve achieved our goal!

Here in Nigerian Wedding Guide, we like to keep everything organized for easy browsing, related topics are kept together. This is why for some very broad topics like Fashion and Advice we decided to give them their own site within Nigerian Wedding Guide. So we have:


Nigerian Wedding Guide has the largest resource for wedding ideas and inspiration. We’ve made available to you everything you need to plan a wedding that is perfect for you.

Discover your one-of-a-kind style

We have featured thousands of gorgeous photos. You will find inspiration on beautiful wedding gowns, hairstyles, pre-wedding photos, wedding color combinations and cakes. And at least a hundred articles on wedding planning How-Tos, ideas and advice to help you decide on what and what you want for your wedding and how to make it happen.

Start a stress-free planning

WeddingPlannerNG.com, a feature provided as part of Nigerian Wedding Guide (http://nigerianweddingguide.com/wedding-planner/) offers you free access to wedding planning tools. Our customizable checklist and budgeter will help you stay organized and keep you on track. The vendor directory section of the site allows you to easily find and connect with every local vendor you need for your wedding.

Singles seeking marriage mates

The two groups of people that visit a wedding planning site tge most are those planning a wedding and those who are eager to get married but still in waiting. We could relate very well to the latter group. So when we started Nigerian Wedding Guide we knew we had to provide a service for these ones. So years back we started a manual dating site service on this site for singles looking for a marriage relationship. We’re happy to inform you that the service was well accepted and got result within a really short time that we decided to give it its own site. That gave birth to NigerianMarriageConnect.com.


We want to see as many people as possible figure things out and move their relationship to the next level so that they too soon will be planning their wedding. So you find will articles on the site on topics such as when to get married, choosing a marriage mate, marriage compatibility and best way to propose. And there’s much more articles for those dating and trying to find true love on our advice forum blog.

Advice Forum

We started an Advice blog so you can get answers to any question you have. And I mean literally any question. Our focus however is helping our readers with dating, love and relationship and marriage issues and giving them a safe place to express themselves and tell their stories.

So you see, we really have it all covered! You will find this site helpful one way or another.
If you need to contact us for one reason or the other please visit the contact page. We’ll love to hear from you.

CEO & Editor-In-Chief

Karo Itoje

Karo Itoje is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Nigerian Wedding Guide. She started the site with the dream of creating an all-in-one resource center for weddings, relationships and dating. And today the site has helped many people and continues to do so. Karo studied Accounting but later realized she has zero interest in the course. She discovered entrepreneurship and quickly embraced the idea of being her own boss. She is now a business woman with different business interests including real estate investing; however her real passion is writing especially on relationships and self-empowerment. Karo lives on the Island in Lagos Nigeria.

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