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Marriage Proposal Story And Photos – Chinyere Okpo Gets The Ring!

There’s nothing more fulfilling for a woman than when the man she loves goes on his knees to profess his love for her and ask her to be his wife. The pride, the joy and the sense of achievement (the Ah, finally! kind of feeling). It’s a dream come true. And there is something to be admired about a man that goes out of his way to make it extra special for the woman, knowing how much it means to us women to be given that respect and to feel a strong sense of love.

Chinyere Okpo shares her wedding proposal story and pictures with us.

It was my birthday and he said he did like us to go have lunch and I was like ok. Little did I know what a big deal he had made of the lunch date. On getting to Nkoyo restaurant in Ceddi plaza Abuja, my sister and friends came out from somewhere I just couldn’t place and were shouting happy birthday. I was so shocked; my man was gradually leading me to this.

At this point he was on his knees. The whole of my being was shaking. As shocked as I was I brought out my hands in acceptance then he put the ring on it. I was totally blown away. Thanks boo for showing me so much love on a day that means so much to me. Will forever love you.

He asked. I accepted.

Sealed with a kiss.

We against the world.

Where is the ring? Let me see! Let me see! 🙂

As expected friends and family members take a look at the ring all with good wishes.

Unto celeb things.

My sister and personal peeps, my soon to be brother inlaws, my fiance’s friends, all friends and relative present take pictures.

Love rest here.

With all my heart I wish Chinyere and her fiance the best.

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