Nigerian Wedding Colours 2017
Nigerian Wedding Colours Combination 2017

I’m sure like most brides you want to look up-to-date with your wedding colors hence you’re looking for Nigerian wedding colors for 2017.

Before I get to Nigerian wedding colours 2017, I’ll like to say that the best place to start when choosing your wedding colors is a look at you and your groom’s personal taste and personalities. What are your favorite colors? What are his? Start there. Check the palette for your favorite color for colors to consider as complementary colors. And make a search on Nigerian wedding colours for how other couples have combined it in their tradition and white wedding attires and decor.

What if you don’t have a favorite color? Then just look through several recent Nigerian wedding color combinations and see which appeals to you and your groom.

Nigerian Wedding Colours 2017

After taking some time to look through several Nigerian weddings pictures from 2017 I can say that the two most popular colors for this year is Purple and Champagne Gold. Most weddings had at least a touch of Purple and or Champagne Gold while some used it as primary colors. I’ve included some palettes for the color Purple and Champagne Gold and featured some photos from some Nigerian weddings so you see how exactly it was used.

Purple Wedding Color Palette

Alternatively you can switch the coral with Rose gold and the navy with burgundy


Colour Combination Pictures from Some Nigerian Wedding 2017

I hope this was helpful.

Share your ideas with us. What wedding colors are you considering and why?

If you’ve still not been able to come up with a color palette for your wedding and you will like advice from our readers, then send in your wedding question and let us know what colors you’re considering. We’ll post it on our Facebook page and you can follow the comments and see what others think.

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