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Are you a bride or groom? We invite you to send us the best of your wedding pictures, pre-wedding, traditional wedding and wedding asoebi, white wedding and honeymoon trip for a feature on our website. All photo submissions are free. Just got engaged and want to share it with the world? It will be our pleasure to document your love story and share your happiness with the world. Just write us how your love story started and how he proposed. Of course include the best pictures from the proposal! We welcome videos too.

We accept photos from photographers and videos from videographers too as long as it meets with the requirements below. And videographers must have permission from the couples to share their videos.

Send all submissions to:



Acceptable images:

  • Of good quality
  • No watermark. All photo credits will be added below the post when published and we do the same thing when published on our social media profiles.
  • Includes the love story that covers how we met and how he proposed. If it’s a pre-wedding shoot we will appreciate it if you could tell us what inspired the looks in your pictures. Our readers who view the photos features are looking for ideas and inspirations to plan their wedding. Adding some information to your images makes the feature more helpful to our audience.
  • Include all necessary credits (dress designer if known to you, photographer, makeup artist and more)
  • Images and videos not shared with other websites.

Best Way to Send your Images to Us

The most common way to send your images to us is by attaching them to your email to us. However depending on the size of the images and the numbers you are sending us attaching them to your email could take a lot of time or even be larger than the maximum size of files you’re allowed to attach to your email. For this reason we recommend that you send us your images via dropbox.

Using Dropbox to send your images

First create a folder on your computer and include all the images you want to send to us in it. Then highlight the folder and right click on your mouse. Choose ‘Send to’ in the options and click ‘Compressed (Zipped) folder’. It will immediately create a zipped copy of your folder.


Note: If you use Mac then what you will see is ‘Create Archive’. Whichever you use, Windows or Mac, when you follow the simple steps you will end up with both the original folder and a zipped copy of it.

You can rename the zipped folder to something meaningful like ‘pre-wedding-photos’, ‘traditional-wedding-photos’, ‘white-wedding-photos’, ‘engagement- photos’ ‘wedding-asoebi-photos’ or ‘honeymoon-photos’ whichever is applicable.

Please we like when things are properly organized. It makes sorting out your images easier for us. So if you’re sending us multiple images of different aspect of your wedding, do create separate folders and zip file for them.

Now when you have your zip file that is the file you will give us access to. To give us access to it, go to and create a free account, if you don’t already have an account. Then upload your zip file. When the file finish uploading, create a link to the file and send to us. Follow the steps below.




Now write us an email for your submission adding all necessary information. Please the submission guidelines above for what and what we require you to add to your submission. Once you have written your email, instead of attaching the images to the email you will simply include the dropbox file access link you have created so that we can visit the link to download the zip file.

Don’t share the link with anyone else except you want them to have access to your images. Please keep in mind that we don’t publish images that have been submitted to other sites.

Once we have published your submission (we will notify you via email once we have) then you can delete the file from your dropbox.

Submission terms:

  • By submitting your photos and videos to us you’re giving us the right to publish them on our websites and social media profiles and to use them for our content and website promotions.
  • You understand that if we feature your submission on our site, others (people, websites, print/ electronic media etc), with or without the consent of may use and/or reproduce your photos (in the event that we publish them). You hereby release and appointed advertising agencies, their directors, officers, employees and agents from all claims of every kind on account of such use.
  • We have the right to edit your submission for tone and clarity, as well as feature only the photos and/or contents that would best inspire our readers to better plan their own weddings – and at the same time tells your wedding story in a way that resonates with our readers.