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Why You Need A Mission Statement Before Planning Your Wedding

This is a Start Here article for wedding planning. Your wedding planning mission statement should be your first task for your wedding planning as it will put everything into perspective for you and make your wedding planning easier.

When we talk about wedding planning mission statement we’re basically saying what is the point to your wedding? What is the purpose or vision for it? Most weddings lack that and as a result they plan a wedding for other people not for themselves and make decisions and spending that they don’t really care about because their hands were forced or because they think that is the norm. Your wedding is supposed to be unique to you and your partner. When we talk about planning a wedding that is “perfect” for you that is what we really mean.

Immediately you get engaged every close family member and friends have an opinion about how your wedding should be. Then you come online to research and get inspiration for your wedding and you find hundreds of pictures of beautiful classy weddings on Pinterest and Instagram and you feel overwhelmed about where to start. What to have in your wedding and what not to. Having a mission statement will quickly put things into perspective for you and give you the permission to say No to things that doesn’t fit into your vision for your wedding.

How do you start creating a mission statement?

You need to sit down with your fiance or fiancee and ask yourselves what matters to you most in your wedding? Is it to tell your story? To promote your cultural or religious traditions? To reconnect your family and friends with you and give them a memorable weekend? Or you want your ceremony and reception to be a work of art, or aesthetically beautiful?

For example if you decide that your mission statement is for friends and family members to reconnect with you and have an unforgettable weekend then you will think of all the things that doesn’t fit into that mission statement and rule them out. Now your priority for this kind of wedding is getting as many of the friends and family members you want there to attend, reducing their personal expenses as much as possible, feeding them well and generally giving them a great time. Making the wedding beautiful or even anything about the ceremony itself may not be among your priorities. Your priorities may include:

  • Choose 2 or 3 wedding dates and send them to your guests privately to decide which date works for them. The one with the most vote wins. That way more people are able to attend your wedding.
  • Get a place for your friends and family to live for the during of the wedding that wouldn’t be far from the venue. If you can keep everyone together, better, because that allows everyone to catch up and have a good time before the wedding.
  • Include some games if possible to add to the fun. Same thing for the wedding reception.
  • Get transportation for guests who will be traveling down so they don’t have to worry about driving or transporting themselves.
  • Get a DJ or Band you know their age group will love so they can have fun on the dance floor.
  • Get a top notch caterer who you are sure does the types of food you want at the wedding very well.
  • Make arrangement for dinner the evening prior to your wedding and breakfast the day of your wedding for your guests. You can even get a mallam to make Saya that evening and make fresh pammy drink available. That way there’s something to munch on and drink while gisting.
  • Spend more money on Rehearsal dinner, if you decide to have one.

Keep cost for other areas of the planning low so that you can spend most of your money on areas that matter to your vision for the wedding. These can include photography, flowers and invitation cards. And you will want to limit bridal party to only your siblings so that you don’t put financial burden on them.

You can make exceptions and include one or two things that doesn’t fit into the mission, if you really want it. It’s your wedding. Your vision. And you can make whatever adjustment you want. You just want to be able to say at the end of the day that your vision was achieved even though it included a few other things outside of it. That something is about your NEED doesn’t mean you can’t include your WANT, if you can afford it.

All mission statements are valid as long as it is authentic to the couple. The beauty of a wedding being yours is that you get to plan it however you want. So all weddings are worthy. If it takes millions to have the wedding you want and you have the money to spend, by all means go ahead and don’t let anyone judge you for it.  But if all you can spend is a few hundred thousands don’t be ashamed to create a vision you love that fit in with your budget and don’t worry about what friends and guest will say. At the end of the day what people really care about is that two people who love each other are getting married and they get to share in that, have some fun and good food. They care less about the centerpieces or the glitter decorations or the ribbon you use on your flowers.

When you know the point to your wedding, all the decisions you make are intentional and authentic to the both of you. When something doesn’t fit into your statement for the wedding you can let it go without feeling like you’re sacrificing.

You also don’t spend the entirety of your wedding planning bogged down in the teeniest of details.

Finally though having a wedding planning statement isn’t necessarily to save cost on your wedding but it can help with that too. When you know what you’re planning towards then you don’t make unnecessary spending.

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